Berlin based German/UK duo TONI&MASH produce alternative R&B, synth pop tracks with layering vocals, harmonic hooks and rhythmic drum patterns. The pair have been best friends since 2012 when they met at Mauerpark, Berlin. It took them a few more years before collaborating with one another, from performing at open stage live hip hop night 'The Swag Jam' and regularly participating in the monthly producer meet up 'Sample Science'. 

They pride themselves on a strong, "no-bullshit" approach to their music and visual projects and incorporate their queer, body positive and feminist attitudes into their aesthetic and performances.

TONI&MASH released their three track EP 'I Want It' at the end of 2019 with berlin based label 'Black Diamonds Records' and single GOLD in the beginning of 2021, and are set to release more music and videos soon.