The Forró band Fuxico was founded in the spring of 2019 in Berlin by German accordion player Malte Bogner and Brazilian singer and songwriter Natasha Safir. They had taken upon themselves the task of promoting and strengthening this music style in their city. Together they put  a repertoire of some of the most beloved songs of this style, accompanied by a 7-string guitar player Pablo Camus from Chile, that enriched the project with his sharp skills and complex arrangements. 

They started researching the history and development of this music style and soon enough they were writing their own songs, with deep sensibility to the traditions of Forró. Their music is as poetic as it is raw, embodying the contradictions, beauty and struggles of the people of this country, often having the figure of the feminine as a protagonist in their story telling. The melodies and lyrics composed by Bogner and Safir are filled with symbology that takes the listener into a fantastic journey to the core of Brazil and invites to dance and dream.